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Evo Lite (Harness | Open | Pod)

by SUP'Air

It is the ideal harness to progress safely towards longer and longer flights and distance.

The optional Speedbag is perfectly integrated into the harness and allows you to progress towards performance (and comfort for the heat).

Harness made of light fabrics and without fairing foam to lighten the harness.

Harness made of light abrics and without foam fairing to lighten the harness.
The EVO LITE is derived from the EVO XC3. It is lighter and the closing system is the classic ABS System with buckles from legstraps and the belly strap with anti forget.

The three key points that have guided this new development are

  • Lighten the harness compared to EVO XC3: 800 g
  • Maintain excellent passive safety
  • Three-point closure with ABS System standard

Lightweight fabric and soft sides make it easier to fit the EVO LITE in the bag. Complete safety with : BUMPAIR 17 XC, an Anti Balance System, legstraps with anti-forgetting system and a well placed and easy to access parachute pocket.

On take-off, the transition from standing to sitting is obvious. In flight, the adjustments and geometry of the harness allow the greatest adaptations to the different morphologies and flight positions: the backrest can be straightened or on the contrary tilted backwards enough for the use footrest and the speed bag. The extension of seat allows you to adjust the support on the front of the seatplates. An adjustment allows to adjust the seat hollow to the morphology and the position of each pilot.


  • Site, cross
  • Position Seat or semi-reclined (with footrest)


  • Under-seat parachute pocket with adjustable volume with handle and right side exit
  • 25 mm aluminium automatic buckles (light)
  • anti-forgetting system Safe-T-Bar
  • Anti Balance System
  • Automatic 30 mm carabiners 


  • Speed bar pulleys
  • Guide tube for the speed bar's passage along the seat
  • Pre-equipped with footrest (retractable model only!)
  • Short retractable footrest 20 mm (optional)
  • Throttle return elastic
  • Pre-equipped for hydration system
  • Pre-equipment for the Speedbag (cocoon) (optional)
  • Wraparound sidewalls


  • Large back pocket for storage
  • Left side pocket in stretch fabric


  • Backrest tilt adjustment
  • Depth of seat adjustment
  • Tilt seat adjustment
  • Shoulder length adjustment
  • length legstraps adjustment
  • ventral distance adjustment


Fabrics :

  • 100D RIPSTOP polyester
  • Polyester 210D RIPSTOP

Straps :

  • 25mm and 28mm polyester (1250 daN)
  • Polyamide 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm


  • LTF Standard
  • EN Standard


This harness comes with the following accessories:

- polypropylene seatplates
- 2 auto Zicral SUPAIR 30 mm carabiners
- Handle "E2"

The optional Speedbag is perfectly integrated into the harness and allows you to progress towards performance (and comfort for the heat).


Pilot height (cm) 160 /175 165 /185 175 /195 195 /205
Pilot weight (min - max) (kg) 50 - 75 60 - 90 70 - 100 80 - 120
Weight of the harness STANDARD VERSION (complete) (g) 3700 3850 4000 4150
A - Back height (cm) 56 65 70 75
B - Height of the backrest tilt adjustment (cm) 37 38 39 40
C - Seat depth (cm) 44 47 49 51
D - Seat width (cm) 33 35 37 39
E - Height of attachment points (cm) 44 44 44 44
F - Distance between attachment points (cm) 39 - 50 39 - 50 39 - 50 39 - 50


Weight: 3800 g (Size Medium)