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Learn to Fly!


Introductory Paraglider Tandem Flights - 2/$125

Flying from the top of beautiful Elings Park in a safe, low stress environment is a great way to get your feet off the ground. If you’re nervous about flying, or have a busy schedule, this is the easiest option! Each flight is about 1 minute long. 2 flights/$125.

Mountain Paraglider Tandem Flights - $250

If you’re ready to go big and see what high altitude flying is all about, our mountain tandems are the way to go. We’re typically flying from the mountains behind Santa Barbara in the Winter season and behind Ojai during the Spring-Fall seasons. Flight times can vary from 18 minutes to an hour depending on the conditions but the views are always spectacular.

One Day Paraglider Course - $225

A one day lesson is a great way to give paragliding a try. We start at 9:30 at Elings Park (2550 Cliff Dr) and cover everything you would need to know to get started as if you were continuing on to P2 certification. Your first day is often the most important and having a good foundation is key. Once you’ve demonstrated a few skills without leaving the ground, we proceed to the bottom of the hill to do some short “bunny-hill” style flights. Flying from the bottom of the hill is the internationally recognized best way to get your first flights. Only Fly Above All will take the time to do these with you so that when it’s time to fly from the top of the hill you will have the necessary skills to do so safely and confidently. Often you’re flying from the top by 11:30. After a lunch break we’ll continue flying (weather permitting) or ground handling for the rest of the day. Typically the day ends around 4 PM.

If you decide to continue on to the P2 course within 2 weeks, the cost of the one day course will count toward your P2.

P2 Paraglider Certification Course - $1800

The P2 course is your ticket to flying freedom. We will cover all of the USHPA required in-flight tasks for certification, and then move on to more advanced techniques, ground handling, etc. The USHPA syllabus, which we wrote, is available for free ($100 value) to Fly Above All students and it prepares you for the P2 written tests. Once you have completed the required tasks we will get you set up with your own equipment, and prepare you for flying other sites, including your mountain “check-ride” flight.

At the conclusion of this course you will be certified to fly solo, safely and confidently, without your instructor's supervision. However, we encourage all of our graduates to continue to fly with us and other alumni of our program as they work towards their P3. At Fly Above All you are always one of our students and are always welcome back for free refreshers, advice, tips, etc. Our graduates often call us from opposite ends of the Earth for advice.  As one of our P2 students, you are a student for life and we are always here for you, and helping you progress toward your P3 and P4, at no extra cost.

P3 Paraglider Certification - $225

As a Fly Above All P2 student, P3 certification is included when you return with 75+ hours of airtime.

Pilots who come to us from other schools are welcome to continue their education with us at the daily rate.

P4 Paraglider Certification - $225

As a Fly Above All P2 student, P4 certification is included when you return with 150 hours of airtime.

Pilots who come to us from other schools are welcome to continue their education with us at the daily rate.

Speed Flying Course - $1800

Speed Flying mirrors the P2 certification program, but transitions to a smaller glider earlier in the course, foregoing the P2 required maneuvers in exchange for the Speed Flying requirements. For pilots who already possess a P2 rating, the Speed Flying certification is $225/day for as many days as are necessary to complete the Speed Flying specific tasks.

Basic & Advanced Paragliding Instructor - $800

Instructor clinics are run on an as needed basis. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, contact us and we can walk you through the process!

Paramotor - $400/day

For pilots who already possess a minimum P2 certification we offer PPG training at our beach site south of Carpinteria, CA. PPG training requires your own equipment and motor purchased through us. We cover all the skills required to safely launch, land, navigate, and maintain a modern paramotor. Since many of the skills learned during a P2 course cross over to PPG, the PPG course usually only takes a few days.