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Paragliding Flight Simulator


Formerly called "The Zuba-Fly Flight Simulator" this Paragliding Flight Simulator is the perfect learning tool for students and a great teaching aid for instructors. The design allows the pilot to use weight-shift turn unputs as well as brake inputs to get the feel of the harness duriing flight.

The risers are suspended by a cord and pulley setup that allows practice of Big Ears and B-Line Stalls. There is also a stabilo attached to practice recovery from cravattes.

This great paragliding flight simulator can be used for free-flight as well as paramotor flight simulation exercises. Welded from premium quality steel, the Flight Simulator will last for years of use. Option to have it arrive with both risers connected so it is ready to attach to your harness. 

The Paragliding Flight Simulator can be unbolted to pack flat for transport.