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Yeti Tandem 3

by Gin


The Yeti tandem is an ultralight tandem glider, suitable not just for hike ‘n fly adventures, but also for fun flights with family and friends and even commercial flights where a lighter wing is preferred. Now in 2 sizes, you are sure to find the right size for your weight and use case.

  • smooth inflation in all wind conditions
  • excellent performance over the entire speed range
  • super stable even with trim open (Size 37 EN A rated)
  • well-damped pitch control in strong conditions
  • good climbing ability
  • great passive safety compared to the level of performance

Fun, unlimited

The size 37 is ideal for pilots who fly with their families, with a minimum total weight of 90kg even small children can be accomodated. Naturally, the smaller size will suit hike ‘n fly pilots too.

For pros who demand light

The size 41 is particularly suited for commercial pilots who wish to use a lightweight wing and for heavier pilots and passengers.


Size 37 41
Flat area (m2) 37 40.95
Flat span (m) 14.07 14.80
Flat aspect ratio 5.35 5.35
Projected area (m2) 31.26 34.60
Projected span (m) 11.08 11.66
Projected aspect ratio 3.97 3.93
Chord (m) 3.24 3.41
Number of cells 49 49
Glider weight (kg) 4.8 * 5.4 *
Weight range (kg) 90-190 120-208
Certification EN A EN B