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XC Tracer Remote Control


Easy to use | Light as a feather | Long battery life | Full control over Maxx II

With the remote control you can operate the XC Tracer Maxx without having to release the brakes. The functionality is the same as the red button on the Maxx. The only difference is that double-clicking (changing the volume) is not supported, and you cannot switch off the Maxx with the RC.

In parallel to the remote control, the XC Tracer Maxx can transfer data to a mobile phone, tablet or e-reader via BLE.

Attach the supplied Velcro strap to the lower part of the harness as tightly and securely as possible. Before each flight, loop the red safety line of the Remote Control on the riser and attach the RC to the Velcro. The RC only consumes power when the button is pressed, so it is not a good idea to leave it attached to the riser as the battery will be completely discharged in 2-3 days if the button is pressed accidentally. Therefore, remove the remote control from the riser after each flight.

This is how you pair the remote control with your Maxx:

  • Switch on the XC Tracer Maxx in flight mode (i.e. not connected to a PC). 

  • Hold the remote control as close as possible to the side of the Maxx with the USB port. Press and hold the red button on the remote control until the Maxx beeps briefly.

  • The remote control is now paired with the Maxx (only needs to be done once).

Technical data

  • Easy to use

  • Extremely long battery life

  • Easy pairing with XC Tracer Maxx

  • Works in parallel with mobile phone, tablet or e-reader

  • Attachment and carrying strap with Velcro

  • CR1632 battery

  • Easy battery change

  • Weight 10g

  • Size: 47 x 16 x 6.5 mm

  • Swiss Made

* XC Tracer Maxx must be purchased separately