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Viper XC (Glider)

by Ozone


Accessible High Performance

ViperXC is the latest generation of the Viper series is the most accessible high performance PPG wing we have flown. It contains all of the World Championship winning speed, agility and performance of the Viper 5, with significantly improved comfort and ease of use.

The ViperXC is a fast, efficient, and fun to fly wing that balances comfort and performance for the advanced pilot. With easier launch and landing characteristics, improved roll stability, and the same incredible top speed of the Viper 5, this is an exciting wing for expedition and adventure flying.

Key features:

• Best all-around wing for advanced pilots 
• Great efficiency for long XC
• High top speed
• Agile and fun to fly  
• Sheathed riser lines  
• Winglets for 100% stability
• Choice of standard or PK risers


This is an advanced wing designed for experienced pilots. It is suitable for those who want to step up from the Speedster or Sirocco to a more comfortable and less demanding wing than the Viper 5 or Freeride 2. 
The Viper XC’s characteristics make it an ideal wing for the discerning advanced pilot who appreciates dynamic handling, but still wants efficiency and XC performance with high levels of cruise stability.