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Fly NEO String 3.0

by Fly NEO

3rd generation of the String, the ultra-light paragliding harness from NEO. Ideal adventure partner for walking & flying, paralpinism, travel. Compact, light and comfortable, the String makes you forget yourself in the air as well as on the ground.


Lightweight by its construction but not by compromises on materials, that was our goal. The String is therefore made entirely of Dyneema ripstop fabric, which is highly resistant to tearing and deformation.
Its structure is made of HMPE (high modulus polyethylene) webbing: the strongest and lightest synthetic fibre. The NEO String is very strong,
ultra-light and durable.


The comfort of the String has been greatly improved by pre-forming the pieces of fabric to best fit the shape of the body. The leg loops closely follow the contour of the thighs for perfect support of the legs in flight.
The unique ABS thigh-high geometry, which has made NEO1 s reputation, provides the stability and precision necessary for the pleasure of flying.
You don•t change a winning team, the String in its third generation doesn•t slip on: the thigh and belly straps close directly into the main carabiners.
2 clicks and the pilot is ready to fly. No adjustments to worry about, the String takes care of all the necessary comfort.


Ultra compact, the String does not take up any space in the bag and no rigid parts are likely to break or get damaged when folding. It can easily fit inside the helmet, in its pocket.


Safety is a primary point on this type of harness, NEO recommends the use of NEO-AUSTRIALPIN Rocket automatic carabiners.

Name: STRING 3.0
Harness: Paragliding/ speedflying
Type: Ultra light harness
Geometry: Leg straps ABS - NEO System
Concept: Ultra light harness, compact, comfortable and durable
Optional protection: Certified NEO String airbag
Certification: EN1651 - 120 kg

Size: S - M - L
Weight: 230 gr (S) - 240 gr (M) - 250 gr (L)*
Carabiners: automatic NEO AUSTRIALPIN Rocket (64 g) Optional Options: String airbag NEO / Ventral Container NEO / String speedsystem Materials: Dyneema Ripstop, HMPE webbing, Hypalon, PE Foam Manufacture: France