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P2 Course


The P2 course is your ticket to flying freedom. We will cover all of the USHPA required in-flight tasks for certification, and then move on to more advanced techniques, ground handling, etc. The USHPA syllabus, which we wrote, is available for free ($100 value) to Fly Above All students and it prepares you for the P2 written tests. Once you have completed the required tasks we will get you set up with your own equipment, and prepare you for flying other sites, including your mountain “check-ride” flight.

At the conclusion of this course you will be certified to fly solo, safely and confidently, without your instructor's supervision. However, we encourage all of our graduates to continue to fly with us and other alumni of our program as they work towards their P3. At Fly Above All you are always one of our students and are always welcome back for free refreshers, advice, tips, etc. Our graduates often call us from opposite ends of the Earth for advice.  As one of our P2 students, you are a student for life and we are always here for you, providing advice, and helping you progress toward your P3 and P4, at no extra cost.