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Ozone Viper 3 (USED)

by Ozone
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Please note that this is a gently used glider with only 35 hours. It is a size 22 and the images are of the actual glider for sale, please note colors. A few blemishes can be found on the top surface, near the leading edge.


The Viper 3 is the world champion paramotor wing for expert pilots who fly in high level competitions and make advanced XC flights.

The Viper 3 is a totally new design that features several key technological innovations never seen before in the paramotor world including the patented Ozone Shark Nose Technology which has brought an entirely new level of performance to our sport. In addition, a newly designed riser system with ball bearing pulleys and a new wing tip steering system bring speed, efficiency, and precision together in a whole new way.

The Viper 3 is a classic competition wing designed for advanced pilots. The new high-performance Shark Nose profile is the most efficient profile we have used in PPG design to date. In a series of competition wins in 2014 including the World championships, Ozone Team Pilot and World champion, Alex Mateos, proved the efficiency of this new wing by dominating the economy tasks.

Thanks to its 3-line design, unsheathed lines, and new profile, the Viper 3 is highly efficient. In thermal conditions its behaviour is similar to a paragliding wing, with very good climb and glide performance and with progressive and intuitive handling that transmits moderate feedback to the pilot.

Although this new wing is surprisingly efficient, it is also very fast. The Viper 3’s speed is easily accessible and it is not necessary to overpower the wing with a large engine to maintain level flight – the Viper 3 maintains excellent glide performance even in its most accelerated configurations. The newly designed risers feature high quality ball bearing pulleys on the B risers for a super smooth and light accelerator pressure.

While its handling is natural and it carves in an intuitive fashion, the Viper 3 has not been designed as a slalom wing. Its main purpose is all-round performance flying. It is a high aspect ratio design aimed for pilots looking for a wing with high efficiency, high speed, excellent climb and great XC performance. It is not suitable for training or for intermediate pilots. It is recommended to fly the Viper 3 using a harness with low hang points, to allow weight shift and active piloting. Experienced PG pilots who are looking for a more advanced crossover wing will also enjoy the Viper 3.

The Viper 3’s new tip steering system is simple, clean and comfortable to use. The mini-toggles have been replaced with a flexible plastic tube set between two balls. When engaged, the TST line moves freely inside the tube yet remains affixed to the risers, so the system has less clutter than previous versions and there are no free ends that can become entangled. The new system is more efficient in accelerated configurations and is better suited to precision piloting than any other system we have previously used.

UV Resistance & Cloth Colour

All of the cloth that we use undergoes extensive testing in prototype colour phase to ensure colourfastness, mechanical stability, porosity, and general longevity before we put it into production. Once our cloth is in production, every meter of it is rigorously inspected upon arrival in our factory, and cloth which does not pass our stringent quality control standards is returned to the manufacturer. We are frequently asked, "Which colours last the longest, or have the best UV resistance?". All of the colours that we stock score between 4 and 5 on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest possible rating for longevity.

Designer's Notes

The Concept

The ultimate competition PPG wing. Utilizing technology from the latest PG comp wing R&D. Performance, Efficiency, Speed, Handling

New Features

The V3 is a completely new wing, designed from scratch.

The OZRP is now benefiting from the SharkNose technology patented by Ozone. The shark adds even more stability to our reflex profile, thanks to higher internal pressure at accelerated speeds (mechanically) and aerodynamically.

But the shark is not only a feature which increases speed: There are excellent benefits in safety and ease of use with increased spin resistance, better behaviour in slow speeds, better handling overall, and improved inflation during take-off.

The Viper 3 is the first paramotor wing with 3 lines chord-wise. Thanks to our years of experience in this type of design, we were able to incorporate it into a PPG wing for the first time. This, combined with the use of unsheathed lines made from anti-UV coated Aramid, the V3 benefits from a huge reduction in overall line drag - 38% from the Viper 2!

The Aspect Ratio has been kept at a similar level: The performance increase had to be found elsewhere. This way, we could concentrate on making the sail compact, agile, efficient, and easy to use.

The number of cells has been increased in order to have more sail cohesion and to minimize breathing and the movement.

We have used a high arc again, to increase the overall tension through the sail and also to improve the handling and precision.

3D shaping and plastic reinforcement at the LE, exactly as featured in the performance range of our free flying wings. A clean LE is very important for efficiency.

We have also used mini-ribs, as you will see along the TE, reducing the overall thickness of this crucial area and reducing drag again.

There are new risers with a system of ball bearing pulleys instead of metal squares, to allow low-friction movement of the webbing while using the accelerator. This means less efforts for the legs, and more energy to concentrate on piloting and strategy. These new risers also feature the new Ozone TST system.

The Viper3 is not just a Viper, it is a condensed version of several years of R&D in high performance free flying, specifically adapted to PPG use.