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Ozone B*Lite Backpack

by Ozone

B*Lite comes in one size 20L

The B*Lite backpack is super lightweight and intended to work for Ozone's XXLite2 and Ultralite 19m

Ozone hosts a range of backpacks and stuff sacks to suit all variations of speedwings, mini wings, paragliders and tandem paragliders.

Ozone gliders manufacture the ultra pack for ultra light paragliders, the speedwing bullet pack for speed wings, X-Alps backpack for superlightweight travel and two sizes of the very popular Geo lightweight backpack. The standard Ozone backpack comes in Small, Medium or Large. The Ozone Large (competition) bag holds 175L and is taller in order to fit pod harnesses. The Ozone Easy bag is a stuff sack with buckles and a drawstring cord that can hold over 200L, this option is very popular with paramotor pilots.