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NEO Suspender

by Fly NEO

The new NEO cocoon harness is an innovative bucket seat design. It is light, stable, precise, and comfortable, in a modern shape. The Suspender is a high-end, light, cross-country harness. It features the next-generation NEO-KOROYD back protector, which is light, compact, and integrated seamlessly in the harness geometry. The Suspender’s structure is built around our engineered back protector.

OPTIONS sold separately:

  • cockpit raiser with hook knife
  • ballast holder 4L
  • Classic rucksack 110L, designed for the Suspender and the ultra-thin 9cm NEO-Koroyd back protection. Fold your wing into 3 parts inside your Suspender harness and experience the ergonomics of a thinner and lower volume rucksack


SIZES: XS – S – M – L
WEIGHT: 3,85 kg (M size)
RESCUE: under-seat container
BUCKLES: automatic AustriAlpin Cobra, manuals NEO 20mm Aluminium 2047
CARABINERS: automatic NEO AUSTRI ALPIN Rocket (64 g)
SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: 3 step speed bars, removable instrument holder