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Flymaster NAV C


NAV C: where the DNA of the NAV SD meets the spirit of the LIVE DS, resulting in a lightweight and versatile single-display marvel. It's the ultimate fusion, offering the best of both worlds without compromising on performance. Embrace a new era of navigation excellence with the NAV C.

•72 CHannel U-blox BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS
•Ultra-Sensitive Vario
•640X480 Screen
•6000 mAh battery
•3D Airspace
•Color topographical map data with configurable layers
•Built-in Flarm Beacon (no additional subscription needed)
•USB Type-C Mass Storage Access
•Improved data fields
•New User Interface
•Cutside View
•NEW Flymaster Instrument Manager Software
•Optional Flarm Obstacles Database
•In-instrument Flight Playback
•Flarm Aware Radar (optional feature)
•Extended Battery Life
•In-flight Voice Assistance
•Fully Customizable Layouts
•Highly visible under direct sunlight
•Altitude limits in task definition
•Extra-large Fonts
•Optional Bumper Case
•U-blox Bluetooth Low Energy
•Lastest Gen Microprocessor
•Anti-theft System
•High-resistance Protective Lens
•Glove-friendly Keys and UI
•Compatible with our Android and IOS App
•USB-C to USB-C Connection
•Data transfer over BLE to other Apps