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Ozone Concerto Light Folding Bag

by Ozone

This new lightweight model offers the best of both worlds: Concertina folding and compact carrying. The Ozone Concerto Bag has full length zipper along with internal and external compression straps reduce volume. This bag is designed to allow the option for the glider to remain connected to the harness for storage or transport. It includes fastening buckles as well as a 2-way zip, mesh ventilation, a riser pocket and built-in strap.  

Available in sizes S (255cm) and L (300cm).

**High-end Ozone wings for which concertina folding is recommended will be delivered with this new folding bag starting in 2023.

Note from Fly Above All: This model replaces the Ozone Saucisse and Saucisse Lite bags. Please note that existing orders which were placed with a Saucisse or Saucisse Lite can't be modified.

However, if you love the the old style (sans zippers) we have plenty in stock!