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Acro 4 (Harness | Open)

by SUP'Air


The geometry of the harness is the ACRO 3 one: THE reference in the acro world. Very precise piloting, one-piece comfort to be at one with the glider in all manoeuvres. The shoulder straps are now blocked on the chest strap, which allows a better ease in the games on the ground.

Hours and hours of flight and running with the ACRO 3 allowed Theo, Tim, Raul and the SUPAIR designers to rework the entire container of the harness for an even higher finish.

The gusseted back pocket allows you to carry equipment between flights and to have a compact harness on flight.

All parachute risers sleeves are larger, some of them made of expandable material to easily accommodate all types of risers (Rogallo type in particular). The pockets parachutes have overlapping flaps for excellent closing. The two parachute handles fit perfectly into the harness, are easy to grip and highly visible without being in the way when handling. Parachute under-seat pocket  compatible with Beamer 2 and Beamer 3. 

The ACRO 4 comes with many accessories, making it more complete than the ACRO 3: steel carabiners, quick links, BUMPAIR, risers, handles, O-ring / toric ring, etc.

What has changed from ACRO 3:

  • The design of the harness is tighter, especially the back pocket with gusset which becomes very compact in flight and the shoulder straps are now fixed on the belly.
  • The fabric is unchanged (ultra resistant Cordura 500d) but the colour of the harness has changed: black has been replaced by petrol blue !
  • Simplified access to the Bumpair: no more zipper that could be damaged over time
  • Pockets with greater volume and easier access
  • Pre-equipped with a hydration system: flexible water bottle attachment in the back pocket and pipette passage



  • Two parachutes pockets: dorsal handle on the left and under-seat handle on the right
  • right (possibility of dirigible parachute)
  • Bumpair 17 cm back protector
  • Automatic 30 mm stainless steel buckles
  • anti-forgetting system Safe-T-Bar
  • 45 mm steel automatics carabiners
  • Anti Balance System
  • Compatibility base carabiners


  • Speed bar pulleys
  • Rigid backrest and 3D mesh contact
  • Protective foam on belly band (removable)
  • Hanging system for smoke generator


  • Back storage pocket 
  • 2 side pockets


  • Shoulder length adjustment
  • length legstraps adjustment
  • Base of the seatplates adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment with double buckles
  • Depth of seat adjustment
  • Tilt seat adjustment


  • Cordura 500D


  • LTF Standard
  • EN 1651 standard


This harness comes with the following accessories:

- 2 steel 45 mm automatic carabiners
- 2 x 7mm square stainless steel quick links
- 2 x 6mm square stainless steel quick links
- 2 Pair of Dyneema parachute risers
- 2 "A4" Back handles (for the back pocket)
- 2 "A4" Side handles (for side pocket)
- 8 O-ring / toric ring
- Size S: Acro Reinforced Wood Seatplates S 33×34
- Size M: Acro Reinforced Wood Seatplates M 35×37
- Size L: Acro Reinforced Wood Seatplates L 37×37
- User's manual (CD)


Pilot height (cm) 150-170 165 /185 180 /195
Pilot weight (min - max) (kg) 60-80 65 - 85 75 - 105
Weight of the harness (complete as delivered) (g) 5700 5900 6100
A - Back height (cm) 70 73 78
B - Height of the backrest tilt adjustment (cm) 38 40 40
C - Seat depth (cm) 42 42 45
D - Seat width (cm) 33 35 38
E - Height of attachment points (cm) 43 45 48
F - Distance between attachment points (cm) 41 - 52 41 - 52 41 - 52