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1 Day Intro Course


A one day lesson is a great way to give paragliding a try. We start at 9:30 at Elings Park (2550 Cliff Dr) and cover everything you would need to know to get started as if you were continuing on to P2 certification. Your first day is often the most important and having a good foundation is key. Once you’ve demonstrated a few skills without leaving the ground, we proceed to the bottom of the hill to do some short “bunny-hill” style flights. Flying from the bottom of the hill is the internationally recognized best way to get your first flights. Only Fly Above All will take the time to do these with you so that when it’s time to fly from the top of the hill you will have the necessary skills to do so safely and confidently. Often you’re flying from the top by 11:30. After a lunch break we’ll continue flying (weather permitting) or ground handling for the rest of the day. Typically the day ends around 4 PM.

If you decide to continue on to the P2 course within 2 weeks, the cost of the one day course will count toward your P2.