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Fluid Light Evo Bi (Tandem | Light Square Reserve)

by SUP'Air


The SUPAIR rescue parachute range is evolving, with the arrival of the FLUID LIGHT EVO which replaces the FLUID LIGHT.

The solo range of the FLUID LIGHT has benefited from a modification of the materials which has allowed a 10% weight saving for the same volume and sink rate .

The FLUID LIGHT EVO Tandem brings many improvements that allow a weight saving of 15% as well as a gain in volume. It keeps sink rate far from the limit of the standard (4.61 m/s) to ensure a high level of safety for the crew.

The FLUID LIGHT EVO Solo and Tandem Solo benefit from the same ergonomic features as their predecessor: half red / half white to facilitate the Bending and to be identifiable in the wild, as well as toggles and folding points to facilitate handling at Bending.


Rescue parachute ultra-light, stable when descending, and easy to fold.

Weight: 1.28 kg in M
Approval: EN 12491 and LTF 91/09
Colours: White/Red


  • Opening time: 2.5 sec


  • Surface area: 27.7 m² (size M)
  • Length of the line set : 4.60 m (size M)


  • Porcher PN9


  • EN 12491
  • LTF 91/09


This parachute comes with the following accessories:

- User's manual of Bending (CD)

The parachutes are delivered without risers (available as an option)


  • On-site flight

  • Cross Country

  • Hike and fly

  • Tandem


  • Occasional

  • Regular

  • Professional


  • Novice

  • Intermediate

  • Seasoned


S M L Tandem
Materials MJ Tex 20 D Rescue MJ Tex 20 D Rescue MJ Tex 20 D Rescue MJ Tex 20 D Rescue
Weight (gr) 1000 1190 1260 2400
Volume (L) 3,3 3,5 3,7 7,6
Flying weight range max (kg) 90 105 125 220
sink rate max (m/s) 5,42 5,47 5,37 4,61