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Bobcat Harness by Gin

The Bobcat harness by Gin is NOT your standard dune-gooning, speed flying, ground handling, lightweight, ridge-soaring harness!
Gin Bobcat HarnessGin Bobcat Harness Front

It’s certainly not a flashy harness, with no fancy bells and whistles and wing-dings hanging off it. It’s not reversible, it doesn’t have a removable backpack, and it’s not the lightest of the split-leg designs. With that aside, it is by far the most comfortable split-leg harness we’ve ever used, and it is the first harness we grab for ridge soaring, playing at the training hill, speed-flying, ground handling, and ripping about on the dunes!

The foam back protector is “always on” and doesn’t need to inflate to provide protection. The rigidity provided by the foam prevents that awkward fold at the lower back that so many lightweight harnesses suffer from.
The leg support is wide and soft on the back of your legs, even on longer flights.

Adjustments are few, and mostly unnecessary, storage is large, and shoulder straps are nicely padded for comfort.

When we tell people about this harness, they usually respond with “but it’s not reversible” or “I want lighter weight”. Then they try it and everyone has come back to us weeks later with “this is my new favorite harness!” Sometimes great things come in unassuming packages.


SUPER Comfortable for a split leg harness
Foam back protection
Easy adjustments
Plenty of storage


No speed system pulleys (easy to add)
Weighs slightly more than an airbag